Monday, November 2, 2015 5 comments

SPM - Directed Writing (Informal Letter)

Salam and Hi,

I would like to share a sample essay for an informal letter. The essay is good although it contains a few mistakes. Download here.

All the best for your English tomorrow.

Keep calm, study and be happy!
Sunday, November 1, 2015 3 comments

SPM - More tips/notes on Directed Writing & Poems

Salam and Hi,

Here are more tips and notes for SPM.

Download all files as one zip file here.

Download individual file by clicking on the following links below:
  1. File 1 : DW Format - Report, Article, Talk/Speech (with sample answer), Informal Letter and Formal Letter
  2. File 2 : Formal Letter (with sample answer), Form 4 Poems (In The Midst Of Hardship & He Had Such Quiet Eyes)
  3. File 3 : Report (with sample answer)
  4. File 4 : Article (sample answer for 1119/1 2014)
  5. File 5 : Are You Still Playing Your Flute?

Keep calm, study & be happy!