I am currently teaching English at SAM Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang, Selangor (SAMBBST). I started teaching English in June 2008. Although I'm new to teaching English, I have a passion and a strong desire to improve and enhance my skills in teaching English and finally make students love English. 

This blog enables me to share the teaching materials that I have developed or gained from the English courses  that my colleagues and I attended. Let's use this blog as one of the mediums to exchange ideas related to the teaching and learning of English. 

I was once advised that, "Teaching is like cooking. The dish may taste a little too salty or too sweet or overcooked the first time we cook it - and we'll feel frustrated. However, don't give up. Find out why/where our cooking has gone wrong and try to improve it. Cooking, like teaching, is always a trial-n-error." 

Lastly, I hope that my blog would benefit all English teachers and students around the globe especially in Malaysia.

I can be contacted at nuhazyun[at]yahoo.com. Please drop any comments should you have any suggestions to improve the teaching and learning of English especially in Malaysia.