Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gempur PMR English 2011 by JPN Perak

A good friend of mine, Miss Mumu of SABK Maahad Al-Imam Asy-Syafiee, has kindly shared with me the Gempur PMR English materials 2011 which she received from a programme organised by Perak Education Department (JPN Perak). The materials were prepared by the experienced teachers who teach in Perak.
Great knowledge would only be worthless if they are not shared with the right people. So, I've put all the materials in my blog and teachers can download them at the given links. Feel free to adopt and adapt the materials to suit the English level of your students.
Gempur PMR English - Part 1 [Download Part 1
Part 1 consists of 1 folder & 11 PowerPoint slides prepared by Great Teacher Yau:
  1. Grammar : Adjectives
  2. Grammar : Articles
  3. Grammar : Nouns
  4. Grammar : Simple Past Tense
  5. Grammar : Subject-Verb Agreement
  6. Grammar : Verbs
  7. Sentence Patterns
  8. Sentence Pattern : S + T + A
  9. Sentence Pattern : S + V + O
  10. Sentence Pattern : There is + S + place
  11. Approaches For Weak Students
  12. Jazz Chants Folder

Gempur PMR English - Part 2 [Download Part 2
Part 2 consists of 3 Word Documents & 3 PowerPoint slides prepared by Great Teacher Sharifah of MCKK:
  1. Band descriptors & sample essays
  2. Guided essay module 2011
  3. How to answer a question on novels (Prisoner of Zenda)
  4. Literature (Prisoner of Zenda)
  5. PMR Guided Essay 2010
  6. Summary PMR JPN 2011

Gempur PMR English - Part 3 [Download Part 3
Part 3 consists of 1 Word Document & 5 PowerPoint slides on:
  1. PMR English Tips by Great Teacher Linda (MCKK)
  2. PMR English Tips by Great Teacher Khairun Nisa (SABK Maahad  Al Tarbiah  Al Islamiah)
  3. PMR English Tips by Great Teacher Sahila (SMK Ambrose)
  4. PMR English Tips by Great Teacher K.Kumaravadivelan, PPT (SMK St. Anthony)
  5. PMR English Tips by Great Teacher Khalidah (SMK Seri Kandi)
  6. REACT Module Page 162 & 164 (Prisoner of Zenda)

Credits to
  1. Perak Education Department
  2. All great teachers who had tirelessly prepared the informative & invaluable materials
  3. Last but but not least my dearest friend, Miss Mumu, for sharing these materials with all English teachers in Malaysia


nor said...

Dear teacher Nuha, thanks for the tips... a great help for me... May Allah bless your good deed.. keep it up... TQVM..

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear Nor, May Allah guide & bless us all :)

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Teacher Nuha said...

Anonymous 3:17 PM, thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch sister! im a new teacher yet i take over someone's class last june. a big help. gracias.

Teacher Nuha said...

am happy to share :)

Anonymous said...

teacher nuha, you are a great helper!

Anonymous said...

teacher nuha. i want to talk english like english people but i donno how to speak well. i scared that nobady want to fren with me,

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