Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PMR 2011 Forecast - What will come out in PMR English 2011?

The clock is ticking really fast. PMR is only a few days away. I'm sure most of the PMR candidates have put a lot of effort and time to do their revision. Well done! That means, by God's will, you're fully prepared for any questions that will come out in the examination. 

Nevertheless, I believed that there are some students who have still not done enough preparation yet. Don't worry you still have time to study. You may browse through my blog to get some tips on how to answer PMR English.

Let's get back to the main topic. Does anyone know what will come out in PMR English 2011? Does anyone out there gets any "soalan ramalan"?

Well, like the rest of you, I don't know for sure either. HOWEVER, a very kind acquaintance of mine gave me a few hints on what MIGHT come out in PMR English 2011 (I would say it's a strong hunch from her). Just so you know, she's been teaching English for almost 3 decades! She's also an examiner for PMR & SPM. So, her hunches could be taken into your kind consideration :)

First and foremost, you should study everything but FOCUS more on the following topics: 

Paper 1:

Paper 2:
Based on the trend of questions that came out in the 2011 PMR trials from most states, SBP & MRSM:

  • Section A (Guided Writing): Report writing related to an event in school (Teacher's Day, National Day, 1Student 1Sport 1 Malaysia, etc.)
  • Section C (Literature): Questions related to events in the story, the theme of determination & lesson learnt

Strive for the best! Good Luck ^_^

Thanks Nor..PMR candidates would really appreciate it.


    nor said...

    also got that hunch,...
    It might be something like this : life brief candle, Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes, Essay - something about English -- either article or a report ... importance of English, English Week, Suggestion on how to improve your English..etc...; For Literature, section C - maybe something concerning event, incident or problems faced by a character... or may even be about setting - place where many events happen.... But who knows...??
    Hopefully the students are fully prepared by now... not only hoping for certain topics to come out...

    Teacher Nuha said...

    nor, thanks a lot for sharing these valuable & helpful tips.. i agree with you, students shouldn't expect certain topics to come out in the exam but in reality, not all students are fully prepared.. some are still not serious & seem don't care about the big exam.. this info could at least be a last minute help for struggling students. As teachers, we can only hope for the best for our students.:)

    Fatt said...

    Is there any chances for speech or dialog to come out on Section A for paper 2?
    And can i ask for the format for these two title above. Thank You Teacher Nuha

    Teacher Nuha said...

    Dear Fatt, There are chances that other types of writing might come out in 2011 English PMR. As mentioned in the above post, don't depend too much on hunch & forecast. Make sure that you're well prepared in all topics. However, I think it's highly unlikely that dialogue will come out this year. I've posted the format for speech as requested. I wish you all the best & lets keep our fingers crossed okay :)

    Nai Roszalina ARahim said...


    Do u happen to have any tips on PMR & SPM English paper for 2012? I'm an English lecturer in a college. I don't know much about PMR & SPM but I'm helping out my neighbor's children...

    Teacher Nuha said...


    the PMR English format will change starting this year. click the following link to view the latest format: http://teachernuha.blogspot.com/2012/01/new-pmr-english-language-paper-1-and.html

    I'm not too familiar with the spm format as i teach the lower forms but u can get some ideas on what ss will be tested in pmr/spm by downloading question papers from this site: http://koleksisoalan.blogspot.com/

    For spm, u cud refer to this site:

    maybe u cud focus more on the essay writing part bcos a lot of ss have difficulties to write a good essay :)

    custom essay said...

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