Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PMR Writing Tips - What To Do When You Are Stuck?

Here's a situation:

Amira was in the middle of writing an essay in an exam. Suddenly, her writing got stuck. She could'nt get the right English vocab for the word "berkhasiat". She thought really hard for the correct word but in vain. Finally, she gave up and wrote "Fruits are berkhasiat for us to eat."

Does Amira's situation sound familiar?

What can you do if you face the same problem like Amira? What is the best solution in overcoming the above situation without feeling worried of losing marks? 

The answer is - SIMPLIFY!

Step 1
Let's say you don't know the word "berkhasiat", which means nutritious in English, but you know that something which is "berkhasiat" is "baik". 

Step 2:
The word "baik" means "good" in English.

If you are trying to write/say that "Fruits are berkhasiat for us to eat", you can write/say "Fruits are good for us to eat."

Here's another example:
The rich man menyumbangkan (contributed) a lot of money to the poor every year.

Step 1:
The word "menyumbangkan" is related to "benda yang baik" and "memberi sesuatu".

Step 2:
"benda yang baik" means "good".
"memberi sesuatu" means "gives

"The rich man menyumbangkan a lot of money to the poor every year" can be simplified as,
"The rich man is a good man. He gives a lot of money to the poor every year."

Did you get the idea?

REMEMBER! When you don't know a word in English, always SIMPLIFY
! You'll never get stuck anymore :)

Good Luck! 

I would like to say thanks to Coach Sha & Coach Ridz (above picture) for giving the tips on simplifying during the Fasih Bahasa Inggeris Seminar (FBI) that was conducted in my school last few months. Both of you are indeed the best! If you would like to learn more tips on how to improve your English the "selamba" way, you can invite Coach Sha & Coach Ridz to your school.


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