Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adelia the angel of Heaven

In the morning of 16 March 2011, my cousin and his wife sent their beautiful healthy 2-month-old baby to a daycare in Shah Alam. Two hours later, at about 11.30 a.m., they received a shocking call from one of the daycare's babysitters that their baby, Adelia, had suddenly stopped breathing. Adelia was rushed to DEMC. After lots of efforts to save her life, she was pronounced dead by the medical officers. Doctors said that her lungs were full of fluid. Family and friends were extremely shocked and devastated by grief. Millions of hearts were touched by her unexpected passing. Nobody really knows what happened to her. Adelia's parents couldn't bare to have their little child's body sliced in a post-mortem. 

As muslims, we have to believe that Adelia's fate is written by Allah in the Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz which means the Preserved Tablet. In Islamic context, it is a book in which everything that happened and will happen were written. However, we also believe that Adelia was a victim of the daycare's negligence. A negligence which is intolerable (and maybe unforgivable). May Allah continue blessing Adelia's parents with patience and perseverance to make sure justice prevails. 

Today, 13 January 2012, is supposed to be Adelia's first birthday - if she was still alive. Happy birthday sayang :'(. Adelia celebrates her birthday from afar and awaits her parents in heaven! Adelia, your mommy and ayah dedicated the following video clip to you :) You'll always be in our hearts.

I never had a chance to meet Adelia so I would like to dedicate a cinquain poem to her:
Beautiful, bubbly
Smiling, gurgling, chuckling
The angel of Heaven


To support for Adelia's justice, go to: AdeLia & The Children of Heaven

Read more about Adelia:


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Happy suppose to be birthday Adelia, may you rest in peace in heaven~

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