Sunday, January 1, 2012

Celebrating Mak's birthday

Yesterday, my family and I dined out at Saba Restaurant in Setiawangsa to celebrate Mak's 56th birthday. For those who are not familiar with Saba, the restaurant serves scrumptious Arabic food. We ordered mandi lamb, kabsah chicken and mix barbecues. The dishes were served with spicy condiments and thin potato curry. 

Mak, Lan and Mir were busy deciding what to order.

Our first order, mix barbecues (lamb + beef + chicken marinated with spices), arrived.

I couldn't wait to eat the mouth watering dish while waiting for our next order. Zara already took the first bite of her Lebanese bread.

Finally, time to indulge! Everybody couldn't wait any longer. The food looked tantalizing. I totally forgot to snap the photos of the food.

All of us were thrilled to bits. We left Saba on a full stomach.

The following poem is dedicated to my dearest mother-in-law. Happy birthday Mak! May Allah bless you with eternal happiness.

I Celebrate Your Life

Mom, your birthday means so much to me;

To have you in my life another year, 
The time I spent enfolded in your love, 
Each day, each moment with you is so dear.

I cherish the very special bond we have.
You lift my spirit in so many ways. 
I celebrate your life; I honor you, 
And send to you my love and care and praise.

By Joanna Fuchs


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