Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector

As a technology aficionado (well, sort of), my life as a teacher would be almost perfect if I can own Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector - one of the coolest gadgets a teacher could have. 

When I think about it, there'll be no more hustle and bustle to book the Audio-Visual Aids Room. For your information, my school only has one AVA Room. Teachers who wish to utilize the room for TnL need to make an advance booking or end up frustrated as the room is always fully booked for the whole week. A teacher is only entitled for 2 bookings per week to allow more teachers the opportunity to use the room. 

Dell M110 intrigues me because it is/has:
  • small and light (compared to other existing projectors that I've seen before)
  • wireless connectivity (that means the projector can be connected to your laptop without using confusing cables)
  • good enough to work in a brightly lighted room just like the classrooms in my school (that's what Dell claims)
  • PC-free presentation (if you don't have a computer, you can convert presentation files, such as PowerPoint  files, into JPEG files, and store them on your USB flash drive for instant viewing directly from the projector) 
How cool is that? Dell M110 is quite pricey and retail at about RM1,599.00. However, one day, I'll make sure I own this baby!

(The post is only my amateur views on this product and not a paid advertisement!) 


Projector said...

Mobile projector are th latest design and version of pocket projector that can be use anytime and anywhere.

dada-dadi-didididit said...

Received mine today.
The capabilities is as promised.

Surprised by the feature to play movies direct from the projector (from the built-in 1GB memory or MicroSD or USB drive), including the HD MKV files.

Cost me RM1,730.00 with Wifi dongle, enabling to use the projector cable-free with my notebook. The price also includes 3 years advance-exchange warranty.

The wifi dongle also enables me to project Office documents and images in my Android phone wirelessly to the projector. I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note + Wifi-Doc free apps.

Read about Dell S500wi projector ?
Search in Youtube.
My best experience ever with interactive projector. Should be your first choice for educators.

Adlyn said...

wow, this gadget is cool! erm,, how do i get funds to have that hehe

Teacher Nuha said...

can play "kutu" next year hehe

Khairina said...

The annoying fact is that we cannot use the Peruntukan to buy gadgets like this!!! (wherelse it's the coolest way to be able to teach effectively n interestingly as in the ENGLISH-IS-FUN-way n as expected of us as GOOD teachers...) :(

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear Khairini,

That's the sad part, right? That's why I don't want to depend too much on the Peruntukan. I buy my own marker pens, ink, mahjong papers, reference books, etc.

kak ana jb said...

You are right nuha.....As an english teacher,we need to be creative enough to have that gadget some day...planning to have it to reward I can use it in my English lesson,in sya you think so?

Teacher Nuha said...

Couldn't agree more kak ana. The thing that holds me back from buying this beauty is $$$$. But insyaallah one day...

dd said...

i really like the way you're blogging. keep it up.

jowdjbrown said...

one of the coolest gadgets a teacher could have. projector service toronto

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