Saturday, January 28, 2012

How I Met Myself: To introduce the idea of doppelgänger

The idea of doppelgänger creeps me out!

What's a doppelgänger?
  • Doppelgänger pronunciation
  • A German word which is used in English.
  • doppeldouble (look alike)
  • gangergoer (move from one place to another)
  • A doppelgänger is a ghostly double of a living person. 
  • doppelgänger can be seen by its “owner”. 
  • It comes to its "owner" to give messages about danger or to offer advice.

Here's a video that shows someone bumps into her doppelganger:

According to popular belief, meeting a doppelgänger brings bad luck, leads to a serious problem or even death! Watch this video:

A doppelganger can sometimes be seen by somebody who is close to that person, if it has an important message. 

The story of John Donne & Anne Moore

  • John Donne is a poet, a lawyer and a priest. 
  • His wife, Anne Moore was pregnant. 
  • One day, John went to Paris leaving his pregnant wife in England.
  • While in Paris, Anne’s doppelganger appeared in front of John.
  • The doppelganger of his wife was holding a newborn baby
  • The doppelganger looked sad.
  • At the same time that the doppelganger appeared (in Paris), his wife had given birth to a stillborn child (in England).
  • Anne’s doppelganger was trying to tell John that she had delivered their baby but the baby was dead at birth.

What would you do, how would you feel, if some dark night you met yourself, face to face?

Read more about doppelgangers at: 

  1. PowerPoint presentation prepared by Pn Santhy A/P Subramaniam, 


Teacher Zirah said...

whooaa~! It's really freakin me out! first time I ever heard aboout doppleganger when I watched an anime "Escaflowne". It was like 10 years ago, I was still studying in the unversity and all my head cramped up with techie stuffs so never came across with that word. I did some research bout this thing before too, they said that sometimes our soul can travel through times and that's why doppleganger exist. Well... not sure if it's true or not.

Teacher Nuha said...

Teacher Zirah, reading the novel send shivers down my spine. Its hard to say whether doppelgangers accounts are real or not. Maybe doppelgangers are the spirits/satans which transform themselves into someone with the intentions to tease that person. wallahua'lam

Teacher Zirah said...

yeah, that too. Whatever it is I wouldn't wanna see this thing even if it's existed. Alhamdulillah never had any experience of meeting this doppelganger thingie... ^^

Fahmida said...

This video is so scary.I think its because of the girls face and the audio behind the scene.I can't watch the full video.

Teacher Nuha said...

Fahmida, yes it is scary.. students asked me to play a video "dah ke belum" from youtube.. its creepier!

Fahmida said...

Oh ok thank you for the fighters line poem materials i already understand what it actually means know.. :]

Teacher Nuha said...

you're welcome Fahmida :)

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