Friday, January 27, 2012

Ice-Breaking: Getting-To-Know You Activity

I did the "Getting To Know You" activity on my first meeting with 1 Imtiaz, the only Form 1 class that I teach this year. Teachers may download this handout. This activity was carried out between 20 - 25 minutes.

I set and model the following rules to my students:

  1. Students must introduce their names before asking questions to their classmates. Rationale: To teach students to make friends and ask questions politely.
  2. Students are only allowed to ask only 2 questions to a classmate. Rationale: To enable students to mingle with as many classmates as possible within the time given.
  3. Girls must have at least 4 boys' names in their handout and vice versa. Rationale: To get students to mingle with classmates of opposite gender politely.
  4. Students must ask questions in English. Rationale: To give them opportunity to communicate with their classmates in English. During this activity, I could hear some of my students asked questions in Malay ;<

After the time was up, we discussed the questions as a whole class activity. This allow more opportunities for students to talk about their classmates. Here are the photos while doing the activity:


Anonymous said...

tak bising ke kelas cikgu buat aktiviti macam ni? hehe :)

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear Anonymous, the class was quite noisy but still under control when i did this activity :)

Nur Arthirah Raden said...

Hello teacher Nuha, I like your model. Its quite fun and interesting. I tried to download your handout but it seems the file was deleted from mediafire. I sure hope to get the handout. Thanks.

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear Nur Athirah Raden,

I've corrected the link. You may download the file now. Please feel free to make changes to the activity :)

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