Sunday, January 15, 2012

Poem - Leisure (Lesson 2)

In Lesson 1, we have recited the poem and discussed some difficult words and elements of nature from the poem. Lesson 2 will go deep into the meaning of the poem.

I started the second lesson by showing a video clip by Louis Armstrong entitled "What A Wonderful World". The song and the poem remind us about how wonderful the world we live in if we can spare some time to admire its beauty amid our busy life. I asked students to sing-along to the song and at the same time observe what they can see in the video. Enjoy the classic!

After listening to the song, I asked students at random about what they had seen in the video clip. Then, I deduced their responses by saying that, "Our world is so wonderful/beautiful because of the green trees, red roses, blue skies, etc. Do you notice all the wonderful things around us?" This might be a rhetorical question. I continued, "Many of us don't realize the beauty of nature around us because we are too busy with our life."  I used the following PowerPoint presentation for Lesson 2 to proceed with my lesson:

In couplet 5, nature is personified as a dancer. This is because when nature (Beauty) changes, they are like the movement of dancers. I asked students to give examples of how nature can change. Here are some of their responses:
  1. Grass moving in the wind
  2. Flowers blooming
  3. Clouds moving
  4. Sunrise to sunset
  5. Four seasons changing
  6. Formation of a rainbow
  7. Trees swaying in the wind
  8. Wave crashing the shore
  9. Plants growing
  10. A caterpillar changing into a butterfly

Then, I showed them the following video clip which I edited myself so they can understand why the changes of nature are compared to the movements of beautiful dancers.

At the end of Lesson 2, we discussed the lessons that can be learnt from the poem. The lessons are:
  1. Take time to relax even though we are too busy.
  2. Appreciate the wonderful nature.
  3. Be grateful to God, the creator of the beautiful nature.
  4. God is Almighty because His creations are the greatest.

[Download & edit the PowerPoint presentation]

[Download student's notes]


Anonymous said...

I wish to commend you on your efforts, going to great lengths to make your lesson interesting. Tried doing something similar when PPSMI was first introduced with my science students.
Interesting blog. All the best, Cikgu.

mamasita said...

Salam Nur..tumpang lalu sikit.Thank you.
Salam Sitiroffini..
Nur is my niece, anak my abang Ata.
*bangga* hehe

Teacher Nuha said...

Waalaikumussalam Auntie & Cikgu Sitiroffini, what a small world - both auntie & cikgu know each other. Cikgu, I used to teach science & chemistry back in 2003-2006.. I realized that teachers cant depend too much on textbooks to help ss learn in the millenium era. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

hai you aware that there is a song related to this poem?

Teacher Nuha said...

hi anonymous 12:15, there are a number of songs about appreciating nature:
1. what a wonderful world - louis armstrong
2. somewhere over the rainbow - covered by a few singers like jason castro, eric clapton, Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo (my fav)
3. earth song - michael jackson

u can also google & u'll find more songs on nature. e.g:

hope i've answered your question :)

Anonymous said...

hai nuha! dis is my 1st time visiting ur blog. wow, i really admire ur work! u r an excellent teacher! keep it up!

P/s: banyak pahala nuha dapat bila share ilmu mcm ni. :)

Teacher Nuha said...

hi anonymous 7:51, thanks for the comment & dropping by my blog.. r u a teacher too? insyaAllah, guru jutawan akhirat :)

reen said...

hi teacher nuha, can i download ur vid and show it in my class? i will give the credit to u

Teacher Nuha said...

hi reen, go ahead :)

Adelene said...

Dear Teacher Nuha,
I am so impressed with the great effort you put in to edit the video clips. Thank you. This is what I call having a great passion for the English language. Rarely seen.

Teacher Nuha said...

Thanks for the comment Adelene :)

Cik Nymah said...

Hi teacher Nuha ! this is the first time i visit ur blog.. it's really helpfull especially for PMR students like me .. Thank u so much for ur guidance in english subject .. Now, i already understand the literature and novel synopsis nand so on that i didn't know before .. hehe .. thnk u so much ! Sorry if my speaking are broken ..

Teacher Nuha said...

Hi Cik Nymah, good for you! I'm sure you'll succeed with flying colours in PMR :) thanks for visiting my blog

Adlyn said...

Very nice work.. congratulations:)

Adlyn said...

salam.. can i use yr work in class? They are very, very nice

Teacher Nuha said...

Wslm Adlyn, sure go ahead.. thanks :)

Adlyn said...

Thank u so much. the kids love the dancing part hehe

Teacher Nuha said...

great to hear that Adlyn :)

Anonymous said...

i love this work amazing great work to convey lesson in the class room

Teacher Nuha said...

Thanks for the encouraging & motivating comment :)

Anonymous said...

Bestnye belaja gini..mudah juga bakal cg...(tp bkn subj bi)..nk cbe mengajar cara ni... :-) tq

Teacher Nuha said...

Didoakan segalanya dipermudahkan dan semoga berjaya cikgu :)

mdm nor said...

thanks for all the info i got from this blog.... i find them very useful.. May Allah bless you and your family for all the effort you have done to make sure your students as well as your readers understand the lesson...

Teacher Nuha said...

Thanks mdm nor. May Allah bless you too. I'll try my best to be an effective teacher & share my passion of teaching English through this blog.

Farahin said...

Thank you so much for these.
They are convincing and comprehensive!

I've shared your blog on Facebook and you know what, all of my friends like it.
I will sit for the last PMR examination this October.
Wish me the best! (:

M Knight said...

Excellent work. Thank you.

raed abdellah said...

May Allah bless you, sister. You work is really distinguished.

zaman iqbal said...

HI. My Name is Zaman Toor i am a student of B.A(IT) I wanna know . What is the personification of ths poem. so any bro help me and tell this question Answer

Unknown said...

I am greatly impressed by the amount of hardword you have put in to make this lesson plan....your passion for teaching oozes out through your work.

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