Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poem - Mr Nobody (Lesson 3)

Lesson #3:
  1. Distribute a role-play script. (To enable students to understand the poem by acting out a simple scene similar to the one in the poem)
  2. Teacher reads the script with the correct pronunciation & enunciation.
  3. Students get into groups and practice the dialogue. I encouraged students to make changes to the script. Here are the pictures of 1 Imtiaz practicing in groups:

4. Select groups at random to dramatise the dialogue. Here's the video when I did this activity with 1 Imtiaz:

5. For CNY homework, I asked students to draw a Wanted Poster. (Refer to the New Literature Component Form 1 & 4 Module Page 70 & 71)


    Nurul, said...

    what is the learning objective for this activity?

    Teacher Nuha said...

    Hi Nurul,

    The aim of the role-play activity is to enable students to understand the poem by acting out a simple scene similar to the one in the poem.

    Anonymous said...

    i need some questions

    Anonymous said...

    pls explain more abt the poem!

    Ashok Meena Bamnawat Ancher said...

    thank you

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