Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Writing an opinion - Lesson 1

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After studying Leisure by William Henry Davies, I decided to get my third formers to write an essay related to the same theme which is appreciating the beauty of nature. The exercise is based on the question in PMR 2011 - Section A. (Question will be uploaded later)

After distributing the handout [download], we discussed about the pictures in the question. I asked students, "If you have a leisure time, where would you want to go?"

Most of my students would like to go to Manzu Highlands. I asked more questions to get them to talk. For example:
  • Why do you want to go to Manzu Highlands?
  • Why are you not interested to go to Zinga Island?

Then, by referring to the given handout, we discussed how to brainstorm ideas from this question. Next, I asked students to get into a group of four. There were eight groups altogether. Each group will brainstorm relevant ideas for one point in the question - 4 main points for Zinga Island & 4 main points for Manzu Highlands.

Here are the pictures of 3 Istiqamah doing the brainstorming activity:

I gave each group 15 minutes to elaborate the points. Next, one representative from each group came to the front and wrote all the points that they had discussed on a Mahjong paper. I placed the Mahjong papers on the board while the students were brainstorming ideas.

After that, I corrected their spelling and grammar while going through each point with the students. We also discussed any unfamiliar words from the brainstorming activity. The following pictures show the points brainstormed by 3 Imtiaz:


Next, I asked students to copy all the corrected points in their handout.

That's the end of Lesson 1.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the ideas.

Teacher Nuha said...

you're welcome

Anonymous said...

i like ur blog so much. ur lessons are very helpful to me and my kids. tq

Teacher Nuha said...

praise God! glad to know that you & your kids have benefited from this blog. thanks.

aabegs cabalde said...

We hope that this space represents an opportunity to meet and do exact blog and articles with unique content.

Laila said...

Assalamualaikum. You & yr ideas hv been most helpful to me in my preparing my PMR students. TQVM & may Allah bless you for yr kindness in sharing yr knowledge!

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