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Writing an opinion - Lesson 3

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In Lesson 3, I asked students to write an essay for Zinga Island only. Students got into groups & did the following on a Mahjong paper:

Group 1: Write the introduction for the essay - where would they want to go. 

Group 2: Write the elaboration for Point 1 - sandy beach.

Group 3: Write the elaboration for Point 2 - clear water.

Group 4: Write the elaboration for Point 3 - food stalls by the beach.

Group 5: Write the elaboration for Point 4 - many activities.

Group 6: Write the conclusion for the essay - the benefits of spending time at Zinga Island.

Normally, I would give an introductory sentence to help students start each paragraph. I reminded them to write using simple present tense. I gave them 15 minutes to do the above activity. Then, students pasted their Mahjong papers on the board. Students carried out an activity called "Gallery Walk". In this activity, students will move from one station to another, read and check their friends' spelling and grammar. Students are allowed to correct their friends' writing. They may also give constructive comments such as, "Good ideas!", "Nice handwriting!" or etc. 

Next, I checked and made final correction to their writing. Finally, every student must copy the corrected essay. Here are the paragraphs prepared by 3 Imtiaz:

           I would like to go to Zinga Island for a holiday with my family. Zinga Island is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. There are a few reasons why I choose Zinga Island as a place to visit.

          First and foremost, Zinga Island has a white sandy beach. The sand is so soft like cotton. Zinga Island attracts many tourists from all around the world. The tourists go there to sunbathe and swim in the seawater. If my family and I go to Zinga Island, we can see crabs, shells and lovely starfish on the sand. There are tall coconut trees along the beach. They swing smoothly in the wind. In the sky, we can see kites soaring high, aeroplanes and birds flying happily.

          Next, Zinga Island has blue, crystal clear water. We can see many kinds of colourful fish, corals with vibrant colours and dancing green seaweeds. We can also see old greenish mossy turtles swimming gracefully beneath the water. The reflection of the bright sunlight makes the water sparkling like stars at night. The scenery is a breathtaking view that makes the world so wide and endless.

          There are also food stalls by the beach. The stalls are clean. The food is cheap and the price is reasonable to the tourists. Besides, the sellers sell various types of scrumptious food such as appetizing frozen food, fresh tempting fruit and soft drinks. The sellers are very friendly and kind. They wear neat clothes and gloves to make sure that the tourists are satisfied with their service.

          There are a lot of activities that my family and I can do at Zinga Island. We can enjoy the beautiful island together to strengthen our bonds. We can do many activities together such as snorkelling and playing beach volleyball. We can also spend time alone to release our tension. My parents love to walk together by the seashore and my brother love to surf on the big waves. My sister and I can build a sandcastle and collect seashells as a collection.

          I would recommend this island to my family. I am sure that we are going to have a whale of a time at Zinga Island. Spending time on this island not only enhances the bonds between our family but also can make our mind feel at ease. Furthermore, we can tan our skins on the seashore joyfully. Moreover, we can gain a memorable and priceless experience from all the activities that we can do at Zinga Island.

Based on this example, students will write an essay (individually) on Manzu Highlands when the school reopens after Chinese New Year.

NEW! Sample essay for Manzu Highlands.

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Anonymous said...

teacher ...gambar taon lepas x der ker:)

Teacher Nuha said...

unfortunately last year's pictures were all blurry due to the old camera :(

Anonymous said...

teacher,essay about manzu highlands do invidually?not in group?

Anonymous said...

nak pic tahun lepas .. kenangan kot

Teacher Nuha said...

Anonymous 5:30, essay writing on Manzu Highlands will be written individually based on the Zinga Island essay that you did as a whole class. Don't worry I'm always there to help you :)

Anonymous 7:29, o-oh i need to check whether i still keep those pictures or not. but seriously, all pictures are blurry

sheilajamil said...

can u please upload one of the essay written by ur student on manzu highlands..thank u...

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear sheilajamil, I've uploaded a sample essay for Manzu Highlands. Please refer to the above post. The essay still has a few mistakes. However, it's the best essay so far

iman creative sis&co said...

very nice! =) visit me at mylovelytips.com okay..

Teacher Nuha said...

hi, you have a great blog

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