Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh My English (1) - "at there"

It's been an extremely long time since I wrote my last post which was related to the teaching and learning of English. School holidays have given me privileges and a luxury of time to do a lot of (pending) projects. I've done marking the mid-year examination scripts. Praise to God. So, I think this is the best time to update my blog.

Yes. This is how I feel right now.

Recently, Astro has launched an educational sitcom titled ‘Oh My English!’. This programme aims to help Malaysians improve their spoken English. What will happen if we have poor English? Have a peek at the following video.

Have you ever get caught in a similar situation like in the video? Is it funny? Not really. 

This popular programme has inspired me to start my version of 'Oh My English' where I'll highlight the common mistakes that students normally make in essay writing. 

My students usually write like this:
There are many activities that we can do at there.

Can you spot the mistake? Bang on!
The phrase “at there” does not exist in English! It is a direct translation from Malay Language "di sana". I told my students that they have a weird disease if they keep using this phrase in writing although this mistake has been highlighted and corrected loads of times.

The following are the examples of the correct sentences:
  1. There are many activities that we can do there.
  2. There are many activities that we can do at the campsite.
  3. There are many activities that we can do in Genting Highlands.

Put a stop to this disease! Let's speak and write better English!


Syazwan Adzhar said...

Yay. This is my first time reading your blog.

it's sad you didn't teach science because that is what I remember most about you.

but hey, you are surely a great English teacher too!

Teacher Nuha said...

Hey Syazwan, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I had a great experience teaching both science & chemistry but they have become pieces of good memories. insyaAllah I'll give my best in teaching English just like when I taught science & chem :)

cheryl chan said...

I saw the "Oh My English" on Astro too.

Thanks for the English lesson. :)

gabanMorka said...

..i've found your blog quite interesting. you done well here in promoting english language :)

Teacher Nuha said...

thanks for the comment gabanMorka :)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

wow thanks for sharing the correct sentences, 1st time visiting this blog, should come often then :) thanks teacher nuha :)

Teacher Nuha said...

thanks for visiting Reen Tart Nenas :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My English..thanks for that. teacher nuha

Teacher Nuha said...

you're welcome :)

Ahmad Haziq Hashim said...

i'm me

لين Si Pipi Merah said...

follow ur blog.. ohgadisitu.blogspot ;)

Anonymous said...

Salam Teacher Nuha,

I was wondering what was the title of the poem that talked about going abroad ? I think it was a Malaysian writer who wrote it. It was either from the form 3 syllabus or form 2. Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear anonymous, are you talking about the poems learnt in the latest syllabus. If that's so, I'm not sure. I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

fat rice and pulled tea... am i right teacher?;)

Teacher Nuha said...

Okay very funny! LOL.. I didn't get the joke when I first read it... yeah I had a plate of "fat rice" this morning :D

Anonymous said...

nice blog teacher :D

Teacher Nuha said...

thanks :)

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