Saturday, June 9, 2012

PMR Paper 2 - Section B (Literature)

Some of us are still unclear of what will be tested in PMR Section B - Literature Section. I received the following piece of information from an English meeting/workshop organized by the Sepang District Education Department:

Poems (Form 1, 2 & 3) - Only ONE out of six poems learnt will come out.

Shorts stories - Will NOT be tested.

Drama Will NOT be tested.

Novels (Form 1)Will NOT be tested.

Novels (Form 3) - Only the novels learnt in Form 3 WILL BE TESTED in PMR.

I hope I've cleared up your doubts. Happy learning!


Fei Fei said...

Hi Cikgu Nuha, may I know if there is any latest marking scheme for Paper 2 Section A and literature part?


Anonymous said...

Hi Teacher Nuha,

Thank you for your useful tips. Last February, me and other teachers attended the Form 3 Literature course. We got hints from the speaker that for PMR 2012 Literature part only cover form 3 syllabus... that means Leisure, The Fighter's Line and novel Around the World in 80 days. Hopefully the tips given are true =D

Pang said...

Sorry, add on my name is Pang. I'm teaching in Sandakan, Sabah.

Teacher Nuha said...

Hi Pang,

recently i attended a meeting conducted by the sepang, selangor district & one of the teachers told us the same thing too.. however, we didnt want to take any chances by focusing on the form 3 poems only.. anyway, we were assured that only form 3 novel will be assessed in pmr :)

Teacher Nuha said...

Hi Fei Fei,

my colleague and I came out with our own marking scheme since we didnt have the latest one.

For section A:
Band A : 21 - 25
Band B : 16 - 20
Band C : 11 - 15
Band D : 6 - 10
Band E : 1 - 5
(the criteria for each band is the same as the old marking scheme)

For section B (Novel):
Band A : 11 - 12
Band B : 8 - 10
Band C : 5 - 7
Band D : 3 - 4
Band E : 1 - 2
(the criteria for each band is the same as the old marking scheme)

Anonymous said...

As a parent, I'm confused about the literature component coz the titles keep on changing. May I know for PMR 2012, what are the poems that my son has to study? According to thr info that you got from the Sepang Education District Office, Short Stories and Drama would not tested in PMR and ONLY F3 Novels will be tested. IS this confirmed and may I know what are the titles? Thank you Teacher!!!

Teacher Nuha said...


This is the information given to us when i attended a meeting organized by the sepang district education office:

drama & short stories will not be tested. the form 1 novel will also not be tested. ONLY the novel learnt in form 3. in selangor, we study "How I Met Myself". In other states, they might study "around the world in 80 days" or "the railway children". one of the poems learnt in form 1,2 or 3 might come out in PMR.

hope this info helps :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Teacher Nuha. can i know what will they ask the students in the literature component?

Teacher Nuha said...

Hi,If you are asking what will come out in 2012 PMR, my answer is "I have no idea."

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher Nuha,

can I know if the poem will be included in the question paper?

Teacher Nuha said...

Yes, the poem will be included.

Anonymous said...

What about Percubaan for JPS PPPA??
Will come out Novel Form 1?
And the literature (Poem) for PPPA also form 3 only?? Thank for helping !!

Hope teacher can reply me as fast as possible because exam is coming 1/8.........

Teacher Nuha said...

Sorry I was not well to reply earlier. It seemed that form 1 novels were tested in today's English PMR Trial. However, as I mentioned earlier, according to the Sepang District Edu Office, only form 3 novels will be tested in PMR. 1 of 6 poems learnt will be tested.

Anonymous said...

hi teacher nuha
i can't understand this question pls try 2 explain
• Three Characters that you admire / who work together to solve problems...

Billy Lian said...

that means, choose 3 characters that you admire and try to give examples on how they attracted you. you might as well write things about the way they work together to solve problems.

remember, always give concrete examples.

Teacher Nuha said...

Morning ragavee & Billy Lian,
First of all, thanks for posing the question ragavee. Billy, thanks for answering the question. Billy is right.

I'm not sure what novel are you studying. If you're doing How I Met Myself, you can write about John, Andrea and Mrs Fischer. Write on :
1) how John and Andrea work together to solve John's problem
2) how John and Mrs Fischer work together to solve John's problem.

soonhow said...

sure out form 3???

Anonymous said...

In the pmr paper, they asked us to write "phrase" for the fighter's line one. Is my answer accepted if i wrote only "crippled" and "wheelchair"? I mean, are they accepted in the skema? :(

Teacher Nuha said...

Hi, I can't tell what answers are/are not accepted in the answer scheme. Don't worry. What's past is past. Pray for miracles.

burhannoob said...


Anonymous said...

Does this apply to 2013 too?

Unknown said...

Hai teacher nuha can i ask you for the question for pt3

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