Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grammar - Teaching Adjectives

How to make teaching adjectives (or other grammatical items) more interesting? Share your ideas here.

I received the following facebook message regarding the above matter.

  • salam..teacher nuha, could you share some ideas on how to make teaching adjectives more interesting..

    My reply:

    • Waalaikumussalam ***.. First of all, let me be honest that I'm no grammar guru.. However, here are some ideas that I have in mind:

      1) Teach grammatical items in context. Start the lesson with a song or a short passage that contains the grammatical item that you would like to teach. If you choose a passage, try to use a material which is close to the students' hearts - K-POP, football, justin bieber, etc. I think with songs, you can get students to do some listening activities like arranging lyrics, filling in the blanks, etc. After that, bring students' attention to the grammatical item that you wish to focus. For instance, adjectives.. By using simple explanation, tell students what are adjectives.. Get them to find the synonym, acronym, write new sentences.. This technique is called the didactic approach.

      2) You may also use pictures. Get students to brainstorm the adjectives from the picture.. You may do this in the form of a game in groups. The group which gets the most adjectives wins.. Again, get them to write sentences, find acronym, synonym, etc.. Students need to have some ideas on what adjectives are if this strategy is being utilized..

      3) Play games / Watch movies. You may adapt some ideas from the following websites:

      I'm sure there are tonnes of language games that you can find on the internet.. As teachers, we need to adapt, make some changes to ensure that the activity suits the proficiency level of our students.

      All the best ***!


huzerkfarihah said...

I use this video to teach adjectives

Teacher Nuha said...

Thanks for sharing huzerkfarihah :)

Teaching Grammar said...

Way cool some valid points! I appreciate you making this article available; the rest of the site is also high quality. Have a fun.

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