Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lesson Plan - Teaching modal verbs "can/cannot", Teaching prepositions

Good morning teachers. Share your great lesson plans with us.

I received another facebook message on how to write a lesson plan (LP):

  • tqvm for sharing teacher nuha...i really appreciate ur ideas...actually, i am a trainee teacher, and this is my 1st time doing lesson in my university, we are given the LP format where we have to have Set Induction>Presentation>Development>Closure>Follow-up...actually, what should come under the presentation stage? is it the teacher should give all the input and explanation for that particular lesson, or we should proceed with the activity, let say we ask students to work in pairs then distribute the lyrics then ask them to fill up the missing words in the song lyrics which we asked them to listen during the set induction stage.?

My reply:

    • 40 minutes ago
      • Yes, the presentation stage is where Teacher gives the input. To answer the rest of your questions, let me share a LP, which I used during my practicum, to get some ideas. You may adopt & adapt. I used this LP when I was nominated for the "rentasan cemerlang" (cross competency) in practicum. If you would like to use it, you may need to omit some of the activities as the LP is too long - that was what the lecturers told me smile.

    • 29 minutes ago
      • LP on teaching prepositions:
        • 8may.docx
        • 8may_attachment.docx
        • missing subjects_timetable dictation.docx
        • we r the champion_answer.docx
        • 8may_ppt.pptx

        • Download the zip files here: Lesson Plan - Teaching Prepositions

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