Monday, September 10, 2012

Worries over PMR

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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 3:13 PM

Hi assalamualaikum Teacher Nuha! :) Im a form 3 student schooling at Shah Alam. I used to get A for my English test. To be frank, it is very rare for me to get B for it. I used to blog but I stopped for a while due to PMR examination which is around the corner. For my PMR trials, I cant believe I got B for English. My dad was shocked and mad at me. I was so sad. And I am currently having my 2nd trial, I find my grammar is getting worse. What should I do in order to write and speak better in English in this short period of time? I always get confused with past and present tenses, singular and plural. I am very very worried right now.

Teacher Nuha's reply:

Waalaikumussalam ***

I understand your worries.. However, you need to bear in mind that improving English skills (or any languages) doesn't take overnight.. It cannot happen within a short period. It needs to be done continuously.. If you want to improve writing, if possible, write every day.. the same goes to speaking.. you should use English in your daily conversation as often as possible... our English skills can deteriorate if we seldom use the language in our daily life... 

Since PMR is around the corner, I suggest that you do a lot exercises for paper 1 & 2.. You can do paper 1 together with your friends.. write essays & let your teacher check. You may download the trial exams from other states from this website: 

Students always get confused with past/present tense.. you are not the only one.. you may browse for websites that discuss these tenses: (present tense) & (past tense)

Don't fret too much.. Remember, practice makes perfect.. You can always get help from your English teacher (and me) InsyaAllah, you'll succeed. All the best ***!

Teacher Nuha.


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