Monday, October 8, 2012

English problems

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Subject: asking some english problems

Hi!Teacher Nuha!I'm ***.:) happy
1.What is the meaning'a whale of a time'? to use 'catch a glimpse of'?
Teacher, can you give an example?
thank you, teacher!:x lovestruck

My reply:

Hi ***! Thanks for asking the questions.

1. "have a whale of a time" is an idiom which means "to have an exciting or fun time". For example: 
  • I hope that you will have a whale of a time during your vacation in Pulau Pangkor. (I hope that you will have an exciting and fun time during your vacation in Pulau Pangkor.)
  • We had a whale of a time at Cameron Highlands. (We had an exciting and fun time at Cameron Highlands.)

2. If you catch a glimpse of someone or something, you see someone or something briefly (for a short time). For example:
  • Rahim caught a glimpse of a black bag on his way to school this morning. (Rahim saw a black bag on his way to school. He did not pay much attention to the bag.)
  • Chan caught a glimpse of an old lady as he was walking home. (Chan saw an old lady for a short time. He did not pay much attention to the old lady.)
Hope I've helped.

Teacher Nuha.



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