Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How I Met Myself - Sample Questions & Answers

Dear Form 3 students. You may download How I Met Myself - Sample Questions & Answers to get some ideas on how to answer PMR English Paper 2 Section - Literature (Novel).

The contents of the document file:

(1) Notes on:
  • Main themes and moral values
  • Determination
  • Family Love
  • Solving Problems

(2) Sample Questions & Answers:
  • A character that shows determination (perseverance / persistence)
  • Write about a theme in the novel
  • Write about a lesson learnt from the novel
  • How a character tries to solve his or her problems
  • How a character overcomes a main problem
  • A character that you admire (who can be your role model / look up to/ would like to emulate / be friends with)
  • A character who believes in himself or herself
  • A character that you dislike (do not like)
  • Write about two characters who have conflict
  • Write about an event that has taught you a lesson
  • An event / incident that changes the life of a character
  • An event / incident that is meaningful / important / interesting
  • An event / incident that makes you happy
  • An event /incident that motivates you

To do your revision, you may choose between simple or advanced answers. Choose what to revise based on your proficiency level. The more evidence you give to support your answer, the more marks you'll get.

All the best!


Anonymous said...

salam, soalan bukan personal, cgu pernah tanda kertas PMR ke?

Family of Four said...

Saya kurang faham.

Mengapa nak tanya soalan begitu cetek?

Apabila seorang menghulur tangan untuk rela membantu, selok-eloknya kita perlu membalas dengan perasaan ikhlas tentang gesturenya untuk menyumbang kepada pendidikan Kesusteraan Inggeris umumnya dan bukan terhad kepada objektif sempit untuk lulus peperiksaan.

Competitivenss goes beyond the exam hall...

Let's get rid of this paranoia!

Anonymous said...

hello,, can I know how I want to do with the question that reads literature state whether you enjoyed reading the novel.give Reasons to support your answer ... please provide a complete example ... as a reference .. thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear family of four,

Kalau soalan-soalan yang diberikan oleh Cikgu Nuha dikira cetek, boleh tak anda berikan contoh soalan-soalan yang tak cetek? Ramai pelajar-pelajar yang tidak dapat menjawab soalan-soalan yang anda labelkan sebagai cetek ini. Anda kena faham bahawa pelajar-pelajar yang menjawab soalan adalah pelajar-pelajar 15 tahun. Sebelum anda menuding jari mengatakan cikgu tidak ikhlas atau cikgu tidak mengajar pelajar-pelajar untuk berfikir dengan kritikal dan sebagainya, mungkin anda ingin meninjau situasi di sekolah dan sikap pelajar-pelajar hari ini.

THINK before you speak.

To Cikgu Nuha,
Well done! Superb module you have there! Thanks!

jeriah80 said...

salam teacher nuha...

this material really useful to my students... keep up the good work....
is it possible if i download this material and change your school name into my school name ?

Anonymous said...

Boleh tak contoh the event how I met myself?

Anonymous said...

Dear Teacher Nuha,

Thanks for sharing the material. It helps a lot as I am helping my nephew with his PMR English.

Anonymous said...

Teacher, is it need to do in paragraph on this essay?

Malaysiana1957 said...

Thank you, Teacher Nuha.

Anonymous said...

Salam alaik teacher nuha , Salam ramadhan Kareem! by the way , thanks very much coz sharing smua benda ttg pmr kt sini. Saya pun banyak download bahan2 kat sini. blh kan? Smga di rahmati Allah selalu ye teacher! terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

how to make the ending of this story??

Anonymous said...

Salam Teacher Nuha....
thx so much for sharing... its really help to prepare my pmr students... May Allah bless u ^_^

Anonymous said...

lek ah do

Kylie N. said...

How to elaborate a character that show courage?

Anonymous said...

How to elaborate a character that show courage?

Anonymous said...

How to elaborate a character that show courage?

Anonymous said...

Salam, Ms Nuha
I've downloaded the document and going to make copies for my students. Am keeping the front page as well (not changing the cover, not cropping your name) as a credit to your generosity and hardwork. Thank you so much :)

Nurraihan Suleiman said...

Salam nak tanya kalau soalan tu dia mintak plot nak jawab macam mana?

Anonymous said...

Hmm susahnyaaaaaaaaa ... ty cgu !

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