Thursday, October 25, 2012

PBS (School Based Assessment)

Recently, the Selangor Education Department with the collaboration of the Sepang District Education Department held the Form 2 School Based Assessment Meeting. The meeting was held at SMK Seri Sepang from 16 - 18 October. The food was really nice and the toilets.. Yes, I would give 7 stars for the super clean, well-kept, hotel-like toilet. 

I was so glad that I was chosen to be as part of the meeting team. Before attending this meeting, I was very negative about Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS) as I didn't really understand how to incorporate PBS into the teaching and learning of English. Attending the meeting have shed some lights on PBS and how to execute it throughout the year. The meeting has lifted my spirit and made me more positive. 

I have to thanks our JU, Puan Zuraidah Zubir, SMKD and the Sepang District officers, Puan Fatimah and Puan Machitah, who had patiently and enthusiastically enlightened our misconceptions and answered our enquiries on PBS. A million thanks to my team - the representatives from the Sepang District schools for sharing great ideas. All of you are wonderful, superb, creative and helpful! I'm happy to meet your acquaintance. It's just that I feel a wee bit of regret for not taking pictures with these beautiful people.

I would like to share the PBS materials that I got from the meeting:

I hope that more teachers out there could share their teaching and learning English materials, professional development materials, etc. for the benefit of our education. Email your materials at or share your blog address with us.


Anonymous said...

We have not received any news on English PBS form 2. We are still waiting for the course. Other subjects have received theirs. Your notes have helped us shed some lights on what we need to do for next year. Thank you so much.

Teacher Nuha said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuha,
Thank you very much for sharing the PBS materials with us.
We have no clues .. thank godness a collegue of mine told me of your blog ...

Anonymous said...

Hello, Cikgu Nuha! I came across your blog a few times last year but it is only now that i decided to subscribe in. Thanks for sharing! Keep up with your excellent work!

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear Anonymous December 4, 2012 at 9:34 AM and February 1, 2013 at 12:58 PM,

Thanks to you too.

Anonymous said...

teacher nunu!! congrats!! impressed when I look at your blog! now I'm in the middle of PBS course for f3, and the JU JB mdm Koh and some teacher ask us to surf and find your blog, and surprisingly its you actually whom they meant. What a great job you've done...congrats once again! so proud of you dear..nana here...hehe..muah88x!

Dorothy Dora said...

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