Monday, October 8, 2012

Study at the last minute - Get an 'A'?

Some students prefer to wait until the last moment to revise for an exam. Why? It's not a good habit. It's unhealthy for them. I was wondering, what have they been doing in the past months? Why procrastinate? Whatever reasons that they have, I pity these students. Always remember, we should make hay while the sun shines. For all "last minuters", maybe you can get some motivation from Bill Gates :)

A student sent a message:

Anonymous said...
is there any chance to get an a for english if i do revision a day before pmr?

My reply:

Well, studying at the last minute is not a good and healthy habit. Students can get panicky thinking that there are lots to study for the exam. However, miracles can happen. 

For guided writing, focus on the format for each type of essay - report, article, informal letter. 

For literature (novel), you can study one theme. I blogged about this topic yesterday. Go to:

For poem, there are no other ways but to study all poems. However, stress more on the form 3 poems.

All the best!


Daeng Hashbie said...

This is great, teacher. Keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

i love to study late

Dorothy Dora said...

Nice! thank you so much! Thank you for sharing. Your blog posts are more interesting and informative. I think there are many people like and visit it regularly, including me.

Dorothy Dora said...

I have read your article, the information you give is very interesting.

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