Thursday, April 11, 2013

Giving tuition to a Form 1 student

I received this private message in my fanpage about a month ago and managed to reply it today (embarassed).

  • Salam Teacher Nuha.Right now i'm giving tuition for a form 1 student.Honestly English is not an easy subject.Just wanna ask what shud i teach her.Can you tell me the correct way to teach her according to syllabus.And 1 more thing.Are there listening and speaking test for Form 1 student?really glad if you can help me and make it clear for me.Thanks Teacher Nuha... 

    • Waalaikumussalam ***,

      I'm truly sorry for the late reply.

      In my humble opinion, I think you can focus on improving her grammar skills such as the simple present tense, simple past tense, adjectives, etc. Then, you can let her practise these skills in the speaking & listening, writing and reading activities.

      Since PMR is going to be abolished and replaced with PBS, let her English teacher in school focus on the syllabus. In PBS, students will be assessed on 4 skills namely speaking & listening, writing and reading.

      I think learning English is going to be dull for her if you and her teacher teach English according to the syllabus. You can google and search for vast and fun activities to engage her in learning and loving English.

      All the best!


Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Not for Printing!
Salam. Hope you and baby sihat2 belaka! So you are back in school? Kejap aje over 60 days. Ngundi ke? Mana?
Nuur duduk mana now? Jauh dari Selayang takkan berulang. Salam to Ummi too!
My e - mail add tgh practise minda tapi tak blog just komen - nak PRU ni. U all take care.
Happy Teaching!

Anonymous said...

hi teacher nuha..u blog is very there any tips for pmr 2013......ravind

Shaira Mazlan said...

Assalamualaikum, Teacher Nuha. I really loves the idea for your blog. Its really benefits me though. Hoping for more essay to be post. Sorry for the gramatical error. Hehe

Anonymous said...

asslamualaikom~ape beza article ngan report?

Eza dsoc said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, cikgu Nuha, iam in form 3 this year (2014) . Really confusing wht type of English format are we sitting for? is it the same like PMR ( obj / sub paper 2) or BPS format. Hope u can help me and my friends. t.q teacher ....thivyah , klang

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