Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The present participle in a sentence

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Aikachan said...
Assalamualaikum, Teacher Nuha.
Why in the fifth paragraph, it is
We saw many workers working.

instead of

We saw many workers were working.

Please explain this. :)

Teacher Nuha said...
Waalaikumussalam Aikachan,

Thanks for asking the question.

"We saw many workers were working." is not grammatically correct. The word "were" should be omitted.

The correct sentence is:
We saw many workers working.

However, the following sentence is correct:
We saw many workers. The workers were working.

Other examples:
I saw him studying. (correct)
I saw him was studying. (wrong)

or --> I saw him. He was studying. (correct)

The verbs "working" and "studying" in the above examples are in the present participle form.

You can get more information from:

I hope my explanation helps.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, Teacher Nuha.
I am just wondering if you could provide a list of sequence connectors for essay writing?

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