Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The meaning of "heir" in Heir Conditioning

budax pandai said...
salam... what means of HEIR ??? and why must be the title "HEIR" ?? can u answer my questions???

Teacher Nuha said...
Wslm budak pandai, 

Heir means successor or in BM - waris. Conditioning means training. The poem is a dialogue between a grandchild and his grandparents. 

The grandchild (the heir) lives in a modern world. The grandchild cannot live without modern technologies such as a handphone, a television, a computer, an air conditioner and so on. In this scenario, we can say that the grandchild is conditioned (telah terlatih/terbiasa) to live in a modern world.

The grandchild asks his grandparents how did they live without modern inventions. The grandparents reply that even though there were no modern technologies when they were young, they could still live a simple life. There were no pollutions back then and they were afraid of God. The grandparents further told his grandchild that due to the modern technologies, the world becomes polluted & people are no longer afraid of God because they become more materialistic. In this scenario, the grandparents are trying to condition/train his grandchild that modern technologies can bring about bad effects to people nowadays.

That's the meaning of Heir Conditioning. 

I hope I've helped answering your question.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum teacher.. We should use 'what have happened or what had happened?

Syido Sweet said...

assalam....can u write a massage about my grandparents apologising for not taking care of the environment??

Teacher Nuha said...

Waalaikumussalam. We can use both but it depends on the situations.

Teacher Nuha said...

Waalaikumussalam Syido Sweet. I'm sorry. I don't write answers for students.

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W.Badrul Hisham said...

as salam.....Do you want to live in the era granddad?Give 1 reason....plz answer

pakku ravi said...

Hi what is meaning of words in heir conditioning

pakku ravi said...

Hi what is meaning of words in heir conditioning

mẫu cửa phòng ngủ đẹp said...

I shared your article with my friends. Thank you very much

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