Saturday, February 22, 2014

Step By Wicked Step - Chapter 1

Assalamualaikum and hi.

I would like to share the reading activities I've used to teach Step By Wicked Step Form 5 - Chapter 1. 

Teachers, if you would like to use the exercises, you are welcome to edit and adapt the exercises to suit your students' proficiency levels.

Download at this link : Step By Wicked Step - Chapter 1 

Pre-reading activities:
  1. Discuss the meaning of step by wicked step.
  2. Discuss why is the cover of the book black/dark.
  3. Discuss the author.
  4. Read and discuss the blurp. For example - Who is Richard Clayton Harwick.
  5. Discuss the contents briefly. For example - How many chapters? How many stories? 
Happy learning and teaching English!


LEE YIN TAN said...

Thanks Teacher Nuha

Teacher Nuha said...

Hi Lee Yin Tan, you are welcome

siti fatimah said...

hai.. encountered your blog while searching for writing stuffs.. so just wanna say THANK YOU !!!!!!! really help alot.... :)

lee woo said...

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Harry Lone said...

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