Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Practicum - Organizing your portfolio

For those who are going to have their practicum next year, I'm sure that you have received the "Practicum Portfolio Content List" (Senarai Kandungan Portfolio Praktikum) from your respected institute. For those from IPG KBA, you may download and edit the practicum portfolio forms. Based on my experience, here are some tips on how to organize your portfolio:

  1. Put separators / coloured-papers for different sections in the portfolio.
  2. Re-type all the forms given.
  3. Make a copy of all letters that you receive in relation to your official duties in school. For example: The Appointment Letter as the Advisor to the English Language Society (Surat Lantikan sebagai Guru Penasihat Persatuan Bahasa Inggeris), The Invitation Letter to the Department of English Meeting (Surat Jemputan ke Mesyuarat Panitia Bahasa Inggeris), etc.
  4. Make a copy of all paperwork, forms or just any documents for any activities or events that you are involved with during the period of practicum. For example: The paperwork for the sports events in school, the booklet (buku cenderahati) that you receive during Student Excellence Day Award (Hari Kecemerlangan Murid), etc.
  5. Take photos of any events that your are involved with in school or in relation to your official duties as a teacher . For example: Sports events, Teacher-Parents Association General Meeting (Mesyuarat Agung PIBG), etc.
  6. Organize all forms, documents and photos based on the Practicum Portfolio Content List.
  7. Ask and get approval from your supervising lecturer. Some lecturers are not interested in or disapprove of seeing colourful documents whereas some does not mind - like my lecturer. Thank you Dr Sharmini Ghanaguru! You are the best! 
Good luck!


Unknown said...

Well done dear. Thank you for sharing what you have done. May you are blessed.

Pn. Jun - Head of practicum unit.

Teacher Nuha said...

Thanks for dropping by Pn. Jun. I feel that all my work will just be a waste if i don't share it. As people always say, sharing is caring. Thanks again. :)

Unknown said...


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