Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to improve English (1)

A student asked me for an advice on how to improve his/her English:

doit@mryfund said...
teacher, macam saya yg langsung tk pandai speaking english ni camana nk mula dulu yek. ada tips ker. menyebut tak pandai, menulis tak pandai

My response:

Dear doit@mryfund,

There's no easy way to master a language. (Tiada jalan pintas utk menguasai sesuatu bhs.) However, we should never give up. Keep practicing English in our everyday life. Try to speak, listen, read & write in English everyday. For a start, here are some tips that can be done:

1. Speak English with your English teacher. This will help to increase your confidence in speaking English. In class, ask questions in English. Volunteer to read aloud in class so that your teacher can correct your pronunciation (sebutan). It's okay if you speak broken English. 

2. Listen to good songs in English. You can learn many new words. Make sure you have a good dictionary too. For a start, you may use english-malay dictionary (kamus dwi-bhs).

3. Read English books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Choose simple children story books as a start. Read something that you are interested in. Boys are normally into sports, cars, internet gamings, etc.

4. Write at least one English sentence a day in your diary/journal/blog. You can write just about anything - what do you learn at school on that particular day, your feelings, what do you eat/drink, opinions, etc. Increase the number of sentences on the next week and so on.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Remember, practise makes perfect. All the best!


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