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Novel - How I Met Myself - Teaching Materials (Form 3)

I attended a Form 3 New Literature Component Course before the school session ended this year. I believe that most teachers and students are already aware of the changes in the Form 3 literature starting next year. In Selangor, we'll use "How I Met Myself" by David A. Hill. For more information about the new texts for Form 3 in other states, you may visit http://engoasis.blogspot.com.

One of the JUs, Pn Santhy A/P S. Subramaniam (SMK Seri Sepang), had kindly shared the materials that she presented to us. Thank you very much Puan. May God bless your kindness. I'm sure that many English teachers will benefit from them. You can download these materials by clicking "View on slideshare":


You may also download it here: How I Met Myself - Characters
Unfortunately, the soft copy for the modules were not given to us.
Thursday, December 22, 2011 0 comments

Lesson Study

The school holidays are coming to an end. I should start preparing for 2012. The thing is, all my holiday projects - reading novels, experimenting with new recipes, watching DVDs and jovially doing non-teaching activities - numb my brain to the core. I unwind too much! As a head-start to "recharge" and "liquify" my brain numbness, I decided to restart my blogging activity which was on the back burner for quite a long period. So dear teachers, I would like to share the PowerPoint slides on Lesson Study. (Click the lowest-right button to enlarge the slide)

Lesson study slides courtesy of JPN Selangor