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Find your celebrity doppelgangers!

Meeting an evil doppelgänger can be spine-chilling. However, the idea of knowing celebrities you resemble can be hilarious!

You can find your celebrity doppelgangers at:

Don't worry it's FOC (free of charge).

The following celebrities are my doppelgangers. Audrey Hepburn? You got to be kidding me! Well, let's just 
take a break and have fun! 

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How I Met Myself: To introduce the idea of doppelgänger

The idea of doppelgänger creeps me out!

What's a doppelgänger?
  • Doppelgänger pronunciation
  • A German word which is used in English.
  • doppeldouble (look alike)
  • gangergoer (move from one place to another)
  • A doppelgänger is a ghostly double of a living person. 
  • doppelgänger can be seen by its “owner”. 
  • It comes to its "owner" to give messages about danger or to offer advice.

Here's a video that shows someone bumps into her doppelganger:

According to popular belief, meeting a doppelgänger brings bad luck, leads to a serious problem or even death! Watch this video:

A doppelganger can sometimes be seen by somebody who is close to that person, if it has an important message. 

The story of John Donne & Anne Moore

  • John Donne is a poet, a lawyer and a priest. 
  • His wife, Anne Moore was pregnant. 
  • One day, John went to Paris leaving his pregnant wife in England.
  • While in Paris, Anne’s doppelganger appeared in front of John.
  • The doppelganger of his wife was holding a newborn baby
  • The doppelganger looked sad.
  • At the same time that the doppelganger appeared (in Paris), his wife had given birth to a stillborn child (in England).
  • Anne’s doppelganger was trying to tell John that she had delivered their baby but the baby was dead at birth.

What would you do, how would you feel, if some dark night you met yourself, face to face?

Read more about doppelgangers at: 

  1. PowerPoint presentation prepared by Pn Santhy A/P Subramaniam, 

Poem - Mr Nobody (Lesson 3)

Lesson #3:
  1. Distribute a role-play script. (To enable students to understand the poem by acting out a simple scene similar to the one in the poem)
  2. Teacher reads the script with the correct pronunciation & enunciation.
  3. Students get into groups and practice the dialogue. I encouraged students to make changes to the script. Here are the pictures of 1 Imtiaz practicing in groups:

4. Select groups at random to dramatise the dialogue. Here's the video when I did this activity with 1 Imtiaz:

5. For CNY homework, I asked students to draw a Wanted Poster. (Refer to the New Literature Component Form 1 & 4 Module Page 70 & 71)
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    Poem - Mr Nobody (Lesson 1 & 2)

    Lesson #1:
    1. Read aloud the poem.
    2. Find the meaning of difficult words using a dictionary. [Download handout]
    3. Carry out "Word Association" activity. (Taken from New Literature Component Form 1 & 4 Module)

    Lesson #2

    1. Discuss the meaning of the poem. [Download Mr Nobody-Paraphrase]
    2. Show students the following video:


    Ice-Breaking: Getting-To-Know You Activity

    I did the "Getting To Know You" activity on my first meeting with 1 Imtiaz, the only Form 1 class that I teach this year. Teachers may download this handout. This activity was carried out between 20 - 25 minutes.

    I set and model the following rules to my students:

    1. Students must introduce their names before asking questions to their classmates. Rationale: To teach students to make friends and ask questions politely.
    2. Students are only allowed to ask only 2 questions to a classmate. Rationale: To enable students to mingle with as many classmates as possible within the time given.
    3. Girls must have at least 4 boys' names in their handout and vice versa. Rationale: To get students to mingle with classmates of opposite gender politely.
    4. Students must ask questions in English. Rationale: To give them opportunity to communicate with their classmates in English. During this activity, I could hear some of my students asked questions in Malay ;<

    After the time was up, we discussed the questions as a whole class activity. This allow more opportunities for students to talk about their classmates. Here are the photos while doing the activity:

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    Leisure - Family Gathering (IV) in Cameron Highlands

    Alhamdulillah - praise to Allah, who had designated a wonderful, meaningful January for me: 
    • For the first two weeks of school, my form 3 students and I studied a poem entitled Leisure by William Henry Davies. The beautiful poem gently reminds us to take a break from our busy life by doing something that we enjoy. It also teaches us to appreciate the beauty of nature and be grateful to God for His magnificent creations. 
    • In the third week of school, we did a group work to write an opinion which is also related to nature. 
    • In the final week of January, from 21 to 23 January 2012, my family and I had a gathering in Cameron Highlands. An opportunity that we wouldn't want to miss as we got to meet our family and be really close to nature.

    Our unforgettable journey starts here..

    On 21 January 2012, at 3.00 p.m., we left for Cameron Highlands by driving from Selayang Baru. Here's the route from Google Maps.

    According to Google Maps, we were supposed to reach our destination after driving for 3 hours and 13 minutes in the 251-km journey. However, Allah tested our patience when we were caught in a terrible traffic for almost 3 hours from the LATAR Expressway to the exit of Tanjung Malim.

    We finally reached the Simpang Pulai exit at about 8.00 p.m.

    At about 10.00 p.m., we were welcomed by the bone-chilling weather and the dark atmosphere of Cameron Highlands, trembling with exhaustion and craving for dinner. After dinner (or shall I say supper), we performed the jamak prayers and went straight to bed.

    In the morning of 22 January 2012, we woke up to the freezing air emanated by nature's air conditioner . The tap water was ice-cold but luckily our apartment is equipped with hot shower. We rented 3 Royal Lily apartments located in Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. Each apartment has 3 rooms. Thank you Cikde and Ciksu for sponsoring our accommodation ^_^. May Allah bless both of you with eternal wealth and happiness. Here's the picture of our apartment:

    Level 1 - Was for grandmothers, aunts & uncles. The centre for cooking, dining and socializing with the whole family.

    Level 2 - Was for uncles, aunts, cousins.

    Level 3 - Was where my family, my parent, my siblings & their families stayed.

    Okay, let's check out what was for breakfast.

     My aunt's famous french toast - yummy!

    Err..I fried a packet of frozen chicken fingers - they loved it!

    After breakfast, we headed to Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation. What's the point of going to Cameron Highlands without visiting the famous tea plantation? 

     The entrance of Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation

    Zara feasted her eyes at the sea of green tea leaves

    We sat on a stone bench overlooking the undulating tea plants


     Tea leaves

    The picturesque and breathtaking view of the tea plantation. MasyaAllah, it's so beautiful! The air is so cool and refreshing. The lush greenery is fantastically invigourating.

     World peace!

    Took a family photo before leaving Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation

    Our next stop was the Big Red Strawberry Farm..

    ..again we were caught in another 7-km crawling traffic stretching from Bharat Tea Plantation to Brinchang.

    After waiting patiently in the car for more than an hour during a hot searing afternoon, we finally reached our destination. The cool breeze soften our anguish. We went straight to the cafe to grab some lunch. 

    Delectable dish #1 - Chocolate Fondue

     Delectable dish #2 - Waffle

     Delectable dish #3 - Fries (Zara's favourite)

     Delectable dish #4 - Strawberry salad

    Delectable dish #5 - Fried strawberry ice cream

    Next, we tried our hand at picking the red, juicy strawberries.

    It cost me RM36.00 for that box of strawberries

    That night, we had a barbecue back at the apartment. 

    Grilled chicken

    Marinated chicken & lamb grilling on the blazing barbie

    Cooked lamb chop

    The condiment (soy sauce + garlic + lime juice + chillies were blended together) to go with the lamb and chicken chop - Temerloh style!


    Potato salad

    Next morning, we had a tahlil (performing prayers & reciting the Yasin).

    My uncle lead the tahlil whereas my grandmother, who was a former ustazah, gave a tazkirah on the benefits of Ayatul Kursi - the chief of the Ayats of the Qur'aan.

    Our reference for the tazkirah - Thank you Ciksu for making copies of this kitab for us!

    After breakfast, we packed our things to get ready for home.

    Another family photo. Some of my relatives had already left Cameron Highlands when this photo was taken.

    Outside our apartment.

    There's nothing more magical than spending my time with my beloved family. It evokes a contented emotion and indescribable feelings. Thank you Allah for blessing me with a wonderful family. We'll surely have more vacations in Cameron Highlands - one of God's greatest escape for the whole family!