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Giving tuition to a Form 1 student

I received this private message in my fanpage about a month ago and managed to reply it today (embarassed).

  • Salam Teacher Nuha.Right now i'm giving tuition for a form 1 student.Honestly English is not an easy subject.Just wanna ask what shud i teach her.Can you tell me the correct way to teach her according to syllabus.And 1 more thing.Are there listening and speaking test for Form 1 student?really glad if you can help me and make it clear for me.Thanks Teacher Nuha... 

    • Waalaikumussalam ***,

      I'm truly sorry for the late reply.

      In my humble opinion, I think you can focus on improving her grammar skills such as the simple present tense, simple past tense, adjectives, etc. Then, you can let her practise these skills in the speaking & listening, writing and reading activities.

      Since PMR is going to be abolished and replaced with PBS, let her English teacher in school focus on the syllabus. In PBS, students will be assessed on 4 skills namely speaking & listening, writing and reading.

      I think learning English is going to be dull for her if you and her teacher teach English according to the syllabus. You can google and search for vast and fun activities to engage her in learning and loving English.

      All the best!

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The meaning of "heir" in Heir Conditioning

budax pandai said...
salam... what means of HEIR ??? and why must be the title "HEIR" ?? can u answer my questions???

Teacher Nuha said...
Wslm budak pandai, 

Heir means successor or in BM - waris. Conditioning means training. The poem is a dialogue between a grandchild and his grandparents. 

The grandchild (the heir) lives in a modern world. The grandchild cannot live without modern technologies such as a handphone, a television, a computer, an air conditioner and so on. In this scenario, we can say that the grandchild is conditioned (telah terlatih/terbiasa) to live in a modern world.

The grandchild asks his grandparents how did they live without modern inventions. The grandparents reply that even though there were no modern technologies when they were young, they could still live a simple life. There were no pollutions back then and they were afraid of God. The grandparents further told his grandchild that due to the modern technologies, the world becomes polluted & people are no longer afraid of God because they become more materialistic. In this scenario, the grandparents are trying to condition/train his grandchild that modern technologies can bring about bad effects to people nowadays.

That's the meaning of Heir Conditioning. 

I hope I've helped answering your question.
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The present participle in a sentence

The following comment refers to this link:

Aikachan said...
Assalamualaikum, Teacher Nuha.
Why in the fifth paragraph, it is
We saw many workers working.

instead of

We saw many workers were working.

Please explain this. :)

Teacher Nuha said...
Waalaikumussalam Aikachan,

Thanks for asking the question.

"We saw many workers were working." is not grammatically correct. The word "were" should be omitted.

The correct sentence is:
We saw many workers working.

However, the following sentence is correct:
We saw many workers. The workers were working.

Other examples:
I saw him studying. (correct)
I saw him was studying. (wrong)

or --> I saw him. He was studying. (correct)

The verbs "working" and "studying" in the above examples are in the present participle form.

You can get more information from:

I hope my explanation helps.

How I Met Myself - Is the title of the novel suitable?

Anonymous said...
TEACHER,do yo have a model answer for "do you think the title how i met myself is suitable" ? My teacher ask me to do this, its so hard i have never seen any question like this before. Help meeeee

Teacher Nuha said...
Dear Anonymous April 1, 2013 at 7:47 PM,

I think the answer to the question, "Do you think the title How I Met Myself is suitable" is related to the plot of the story. In brief, you may explain:
1) How John Taylor met his doppelganger in the beginning of the story.
2) How did the meeting affect his life?
3) What did John do afterwards?
4) How many times did he meet his doppelganger?
5) Finally, why did John meet his doppelganger several times? What are the reasons?

Then, from your explanation, you may conclude whether the title "How I Met Myself" is suitable or not.

Good luck!

How I Met Myself - Why do you enjoy reading the novel?

Anonymous said...
hello,, can I know how I want to do with the question that reads literature state whether you enjoyed reading the novel.give Reasons to support your answer ... please provide a complete example ... as a reference .. thanks

Teacher Nuha said...
Dear Anonymous February 14, 2013 at 11:16 AM,

There are lots of reasons as to why we enjoy a novel.

Here are some examples on how you may write why you enjoy reading How I Met Myself. You may state that you like the:
1) main characters - elaborate
2) plot of the story - elaborate
3) ending of the story - elaborate
4) idea of doppelganger in the story - elaborate

Elaborate the points by giving the textual evidence from the story.

You may download sample questions & answers from this link. 
I hope it helps.