Monday, September 5, 2011

PMR Literature Tips: Last minute help for weak students

I would like to share the following tips which were gained from a course organised by the Education Department of Sepang District (PPD Sepang) which was held months ago.  You could also click on the previous post: How to answer PMR Paper 2 - Section C to learn more tips on PMR Literature.

Literature tips - Use the IMEJ method

I - Identify what the question wants
M - Make a statement
E - Elaborate on the answers
J - Justify the elaboration by giving textual evidence from the novel

Framework of the answer
  1. Novel
  2. Author
  3. Introduction
  4. Evidence 1+ Detail
  5. Evidence 2 + Detail
  6. Evidence 3 + Detail
  7. Conclusion (Compulsory)
* Minimum 2 evidence

Sample Question - An incident that changed the life of a character

1. Identify
  • The character - Dr Jekyll
  • Incident - He discovers a new drug
2. Make a statement
  • An incident/event that changes the life of Dr Jekyll is when he discovers a new drug.
3. Elaborate
  • Answer the question
  • Where, When, What happened
4. Justify
  • Answer the question why do you say so using the evidence from the text.

Sample Answer

          I like to choose Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It is a horror story. This story shows the good and evil side of a man. Dr Jekyll makes a new drug. He makes the drug in the lab. It makes him to have a double life as good Dr Jekyll and cruel Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is cruel, he tramples a little girl. He also kills Sir Danvers Carew. Then he hides in the lab.

Last minute help for weak students
  1. Teach them short answers based on the topics – character, themes, events, etc.
  2. Ask them to answer within 40 to 50 words only.
  3. Ask them to memorize sample answer.
  4. Prepare ONE sample answer that can answer multiple question and ask the lazy students to memorize.
  5. It helps them to get at least minimum marks - E2.

You may view the PowerPoint slides for this topic by clicking at this link: 

(Credits to: PPD Sepang)


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