Friday, September 16, 2011

PMR - Summary Tips

1) Awarding of marks
  • Content - 5 marks 
  • Language - 5 marks
  • Total - 10 marks

2) Your summary will be assessed based on the following:
  • Ability to identify main contents.
  • Ability to write the main contents in your own words without changing the original meaning.

3) Things to remember:
  • Use the 10 words (introductory line) given.
  • Make sure the spellings are correct.
  • Leave out unnecessary details like explanations and repetitions.
  • Check the pronoun to be used (I, you, she, he).
  • Do not write more than 60 words.
  • If your summary is longer than the words allowed, you might have included irrelevant points.
  • If your summary is too short, you might have missed out important points.

How to earn maximum marks for summary?

1) Rearrange the sentence

This hobby enriches one's geographical and historical knowledge of a country.

(Arranged as)

One's geographical and historical knowledge of a country can be enriched.

2) Replace some words with synonyms

This would enhance family ties.

This would strengthen family ties.

(but make sure the new word does not change the meaning or the idea presented by the content point)

3) Add sequence connectors & conjunctions

Example of sequence connectors: Firstly, Secondly, Next, Then, Moreover, Besides, etc.

Example of conjunctions: and, or, etc.

Example of sentence:
Next, collecting coins enables us to widen our circle of friends and enhance our family ties. (arrange the points as they appear in the original text)

  • Use simple and precise sentences to present your content points.
  • Write the number of words at the bottom right of your answer.
  • Do not exceed the word limit.

[Credits to Pn Z.Z of SMKD, Sepang] 


Diyana said...

Hi Teacher..I have a problem on this summary teacher always said that i have to take the most impotant points..sometimes my point are too long and more than 60 words..Can you give some advice for me..thank you

Teacher Nuha said...

hi diyana, could you send the question and answer to my email so that I can check your work easily. You can also try past year pmr questions (I have all past year question)

Anonymous said...

hi teacher..i have problem on summary teacher said that i always use wrong conjunction in my summary.can you help me with this?

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