Assortment of teaching materials

  1. Newspaper In Education

Essay Writing
  1. English Basic Rules (EBR)
  2. Informal Letter - Giving opinion
  3. Informal Letter - A gotong-royong campaign
  4. Recount - Flood experience (QuestionSample Answer)
  5. Report - Teacher's Day Celebration
  6. Report - English Week
  7. Report - National Day in Our School
  8. Speech - The Qualities of a Good Prefect
  9. Speech - To remind students about the school regulations
  10. Write a story using Mr How & His Five Wives Technique (1)
  11. Write a story using Mr How & His Five Wives Technique (2)
  12. Writing method - Four Square
  13. Writing Method - The Five Paragraph Essay
  14. Writing Method - Mr How and His Five Wives
  15. Writing skills

Lesson Study
  1. Lesson Study - PowerPoint slides by JPN Selangor

  1. New Literature Component Form 1 & 4
  2. New Literature Component Form 2 & 5
  3. Form 3: How I Met Myself - Setting, Synopsis
  4. Form 3: How I Met Myself - Characters
  5. Novel Form 2: The Phantom of the Opera - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Sample questions & answers) ~Old syllabus
  6. Novel Form 3: Phantom & Dr. Jekyll (An event that changes a character's life) ~Old syllabus
  7. Poem Form 1: The Lake Isle of Innisfree, The Dead Crow, Life's Brief Candle ~Old syllabus



Anonymous said...

hi! teacher nuha..tq for sharing this useful info..

Teacher Nuha said...

your welcome :)

Anonymous said...

could you give me more tips on how to teach english wisely???
can we make the worst student to pass in exam???

Teacher Nuha said...

I believe that every student has potentials to succeed.

For paper 1, we can drill them with past year questions - pair/group them with better ss.

For paper 2 summary, refer to this tips -

P2 - novel : get them to memorize any short/simple answer (preferably a text which they could use to answer any question that might come out in xm) mayb u cud choose a main character & prepare a short text about his/her characteristics. they could get a min of 2 marks.

p2 - poem : give them a set of questions for each poem (re-teach the poem if possible)

p2 - essay : teach them sentence construction. refer here:

we can also do cloze activities for essay writing:

LEP ss need constant motivation to the point where we need to force them! Good luck teacher!

Anonymous said...

tq so much..i really appreciate be frank.. i am not a teacher i am just teaching my village students at my house.i just want to help them..that why i need all the help that i can to make them get a good result..and you help me so much..tq again..^__^

Teacher Nuha said...

you're welcome. i have to commend u for your noble act ^_^ all the best!

ecadwinkyasha said...

this is really help me...thanks :D

Anonymous said...

As a parent, I'm confused about the literature component coz the titles keep on changing. May I know for PMR 2012, what are the poems that my son has to study? According to thr info that you got from the Sepang Education District Office, Short Stories and Drama would not tested in PMR and ONLY F3 Novels will be tested. IS this confirmed and may I know what are the titles? Thank you Teacher!!!

Fariza Lokman said...

Hey there, thank you for sharing all these useful docs. I am an English teacher in Selangor as well. I hope we can exchange docs and teaching materials, especially PBS matters. You can contact me through my email

Sharing is caring ;p

Qaseh Qaizurah said...

salam..kaka nuha can i get ur hp num as i think i have alot of things to ask for...thanks..

Teacher Nuha said...

Dear Fariza Lokman, nice meeting your acquaintance virtually. Yes, let's share any materials for the sake of English. We'll keep in touch.

Dear Qaseh Qaizurah, email me

Anonymous said...

Thank you...May Allah bless you ^_^

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, novel apa yang akan keluar dalam bahagian literature essay untuk PMR 2013? Saya masih x faham. Boleh ke keluar soalan drama rumpelstiltskin dan flipping fantastic.
Please tolong jawab...!!


Anonymous said...

Hi teacher. Izit only form 3 novels will be tested in PMR?? How about form 1 novel and the drama Rumpelstiltskin and Flipping Fantastic? Must we memories that? I really confuse about this. Hope I'll get an early reply. Thank you.

Anonymous said... that pmr novel only come out The Railway Children for 2013..can u make a list of idioms which can be used in essay writing?

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum...teacher can you make a list of idioms for essay??

Anonymous said...

Cikgu boleh tak cikgu tolong saya .karangan berpandu
Macam mana nak buat kesan kemalangan jalan raya.please help meeeeeeeee......

Anonymous said...

cikgu adalah cikgu yang terbaik..............

Anonymous said...

Cikgu , Pls help us , we are form 3 students (this year, 2014)/ How is our exam going to be... what format . really don't understand. ppmr / pbs...? pls give us details on what format it gonna be . hoping from u ...cikgu Nuha. thanks a lot. thivya

Anonymous said...

thank you teacher help me alot

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher nuha..i am interested to teach english form 3 for tuition class.. i don't have any experience of teaching english before, could you please help me with necessary tips?or any teaching materials that is suitable for tuition class?thank you very much.

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